1st day results

Plenty of pilots at goal with Attila first! http://www.forbesflatlands.com/results-show.html?id_results=15&db=results2015&class=results_open I myself ended up with a deserved landing after a 100 … Read More

Подвески Rotor в России

На форуме deltaplanerizm.ru написала пост про то, как можно купить подвески Ротор: http://deltaplanerizm.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3058 А тут собственно сама продукция Нене Ротора: … Read More

Human Factor: Risk assessment

http://www.powder.com/human-factor/index.php Interesting project, accomplished by David Page and his team happening to be skiers. The pre-story comes from a variety of fatal accidents … Read More

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