Sasha Serebrennikova


Have not much to say here. This flying thing could have been called an addiction and guess it’s not far from the truth. Since I’ve begun to fly 8 years ago this activity opened a lot of new for me — new countries, people, sports and blabla… I can talk here forever about how cool is the feeling of flying and the spirit of hang gliding, you just read this blog and then you might get it 🙂

I had been working for 8 years as a physical chemist performing quantum chemistry calculations at Moscow State University. Plenty of other projects were not helping me here in terms of time. Eventually I realized I’d like to extend my knowledge into the direction of materials, which brought me to Graz, where I’m studying and researching in the area of Advanced Materials science with the aspiration to complete a doctoral degree. Looks like a lifestyle — always try to learn smth new in all the aspects of science, languages, sports or just of life. Because life is good! 🙂


This was always my dream to teach people. Not to show them my knowledge as something exceptional but the opposite — to built their own ability to perceive better this splendid world around. In my childhood I was very lucky to have several fabulous people who by right can be named the best teachers. Not just of math, chemistry, law, etc. They opened to me that the main idea is to learn something new all the time because this brings real joy in life. Now I always try to keep this concept in mind and to give it further while teaching math, chemistry and physics.

Born in Moscow — absolutely flat for 1500 km around 🙂 Except sharp banks of Volga river and maybe a couple of forgotten ridiculously small hills. Central area of European part of Russia is not very distinctive in terms of terrain variety. So when I firstly got to mountains — Khibins up north, the other side of Polar circle with deep dark-blue lakes, snow on summits and absolutely different nature — that was another wild world which I loved from the first moment and still continue to. Have been to vast amount of Russian and Central Asia Mountain chains, climbed up&down a lot of remarkable summits and through many marvelous passes. For sure some other interesting projects are coming!