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A trio of Moyes Swooshies - gettin' ready and all excited about the adventure coming

Rocky Strolls over East Tyrol – Lienzer Dolomiten

Lienzer Dolomiten Lienzer Dolomiten. Regenstein (eng. Rain Stone), 2891 m and Lienzer Dolomites. Just a few thermals east from Lienz, ...
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Monte Raut (2027 m)

Rocky Strolls over Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

Monte Raut and Monte Resettum GroupTowards Cima della Meda – magnificent tiger land without landingsMonte Raut (2027 m)The ridge of ...
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On the way to Admont - Reichenstein and Hochtor behind

Rocky Strolls Over Styria

Two beautiful flights from Schöckl to Salzkammergut over Gesäuse ...
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Großvenediger behind

From Zillertal to Drautal. Crossing the Main Alpine Chain from the North I

North winds seem to be an austrian curse, especially if you are a hang glider pilot. North flow just likes ...
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Sasha happy after a good flight
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Some flights ARE worth mentioning. Intermezzo.

Some flights worth mentioning I ...
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Dream of Flight Hang Gliding in Victoria

Why YOU have to Fly along Great Ocean Road in Australia?

Hang Gliding in one of the most spectacular corners of Australia Why to fly the Great Ocean Road ? The ...
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Kalmykia - Rostov - Part V - Prize Giving

Kalmykia – Rostov – Part V – Prize Giving

Russian Cup 2019 is over! This Kalmykian Adventure is very special to me — I like the landscape, the southern ...
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Kalmykia - Rostov - Part IV - Left on the field

Kalmykia – Rostov – Part IV – Left on the field

Ghosts of the soviets – one little village lost in time. How many of those are still there left behind ...
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Kalmykia - Rostov - Part II - The Window into the Land of Spicy Grasses

Kalmykia – Rostov – Part II – The Window into the Land of Spicy Grasses

Beautiful land left on its own with the rests caused by the humans’ weirdness ...
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Kalmykia - Rostov - Part I - Nomands in the Sky

Kalmykia – Rostov – Part I – Nomands in the Sky

Here we are again for the Russian Cup 2019. I just can’t get enough of this yet laconic but expressive ...
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HG Pilot? Don’t hold these these yellow bolts & nuts in your mouth!

This time I invite you to a little scientific excursion into the world of materials. Have you ever asked yourself ...
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Female Hang Gliding World RecordsFemale Hang Gliding World Records

FAI ratifies My Hang Gliding Female World Records. Whoa!

Some good news 🙂 Female Hang Gliding World Records Good reason to put a note to my blog here and ...
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Dolomites Hang Gliging Sella Towers

High over the Pale Mountains. Italian Dolomites.

An annual must do hang gliding adventure in the Dolomites organized by the AdventureFlying. This September we had fantastic conditions ...
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Hang Gliding Calendar 2019

Hang Gliding Wall Calendar 2019

Offset print. Professionally printed on the thick and nice to touch paper of 240 gsm. Size A3 (42x26 cm) ...
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Hang Gliding Run

Run into the air

Running is a great sport, but running with a hang glider from the hills is the best way to do ...
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Kalmykia - Rostov. Flatland flying paradise.

Kalmykia – Rostov. Flatland flying paradise.

One of my best flying experiences so far. There shall be a blog post with more descriptions soon. Пока что ...
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Cross Country 189

Wide open heart above Apollo Bay

This article in the Cross Country Magazine has lots of AdventureFlying pictures and is talking about flying in Victoria along ...
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Russian HG Team at the Opening Ceremony

Russian HG Team at the Opening Ceremony

В этом году в Македонию приехало 11 пилотов с весьма воодушевляющим числом летающих девушек. Их аж четверо. Семь человек собираются ...
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Gloomy Sky

Macedonia. Practice day – quick overdevelopment

Some did fly and got soaking wet on the landing: ...
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Kia C'eed Austria

Macedonian Yellow Fields’18. Intermezzo

Shall I start it again!? I mean trying to write something about the next adventure that is patiently waiting to ...
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