Sasha Serebrennikova hang gliding records
FAI ratifies My 4 Hang Gliding Female World Records. Whoa!
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Some good news 🙂 Good reason to put a note to my blog here and to add on the excitement … Read More

Hang Gliding Calendar 2019
Hang Gliding Wall Calendar 2019
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Offset print.
Professionally printed on the thick and nice to touch paper of 240 gsm.
Size A3 (42×26 cm)… Read More

Sasha Moyes Litespeed Swoosh on the beach
Victorian Sand and Moyes Swooshy Litespeed
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Can’t complain about this day in Victoria with Gerolf, Lukas and best ever Rob 🙂

Australian Utopy
Along my road
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Australia has one remarkable and close to my heart feature — it’s a big land with lots of space! I … Read More

Moyes Gecko
Manilla – Australian Spain
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Manilla with its yellow huge fields, windy Mt. Tamborine launch, reliabe themrals and goal fields every day got deep in my memory.
Surely worth going there if you are after nice mix of flatlands and hills flying.… Read More