Some flights ARE worth mentioning. Intermezzo.

Do you feel that as well?

That little tingling sensation while waiting for the next hang gliding season?

Well, at least I do and, if you are with me, we might as well just spend some time dreaming about flying. But hey, it shouldn’t be too pathetic, right?

Although there are many ways to wait for something, for me one of them is thinking back and resurrecting some colorful memories related to what I am looking forward to. In case of this blog it would have been writing about flights I did in the past.

However as you could notice I am not a big fun of writing some extensive flight stories which often go like “…and then I was high, and then I was low, and then… you know what??? Yeah, I was high again, can you believe it?!” That’s just too boring, I mean, even for me who actually flew it. But mostly it doesn’t give much to the one who is generous enough to read it up to the third sentence.

Ideally one gets something out of it – be it an idea for his/her own next flight, some useful technical information or maybe just the good vibes brought by a nicely framed peculiar and fresh photo. So let’s keep this line – I’m gonna write a couple of not too long informative stories of a few remarkable hang gliding flights I did in the past seasons. They were not some of those impossible records and could be quite achievable for those cross country pilots who know what they are doing up there when flying in the high mountains. And yet they are adventures so keep on to notice an unusual twist that makes them being worth to mention… Yeah, let’s call this series like that – ‘Some flights ARE worth mentioning’.

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