Kalmykia – Rostov – Part V – Prize Giving
AdventureFlying Photography | Competitions | Hang Gliding | Russia

Russian Cup 2019 is over! This Kalmykian Adventure is very special to me — I like the landscape, the southern … Read More

Kia C'eed Austria
Macedonian Yellow Fields’18. Intermezzo
AdventureFlying Photography | Competitions | Hang Gliding | Macedonia

  Shall I start it again!? I mean trying to write something about the next adventure that is patiently waiting … Read More

Styrian open pricegiving, 3rd Place
Styrian Open 2017 – 3rd Place

Robert Reisinger wins the competition, I took the 3rd place overall, yohho 🙂  

Moyes Gecko
Manilla – Australian Spain
AdventureFlying Photography | Australia | Competitions | Hang Gliding

Manilla with its yellow huge fields, windy Mt. Tamborine launch, reliabe themrals and goal fields every day got deep in my memory.
Surely worth going there if you are after nice mix of flatlands and hills flying.… Read More

Macedonian CIVL Wars and Overall Impressions

Despite this flashy heading Pre-Europeans or CIVL wars /(c)Gordon :)/ turned out to be pretty good. From the point of organization … Read More

Winners of Loser Open, Austria

Loser Open was a FAI-2 competition which took place in the first week of June as was very successful with … Read More

Trofeo Montegrappa days 1&2

One of the first European competitions has started on 2nd April with a 93 km task, won by Christian Ciech. … Read More

4th task, evening

About 26 in the goal after 260 km (me too). Unfortunately Attila wasn’t at goal, that’s gonna change the accent … Read More

4th task

We have a blue day with 255 km task to the West with ceiling up to 9000ft. Hohoho, sounds like … Read More

3rd day

About 35 people are on the goal in 190 km from Forbes. Flew my personal best in distance today. After … Read More

2nd day results and the plan for the 3rd day

http://www.forbesflatlands.com/results.html Many people have made it, including me. Zac is the first followed by Jochen and Gordon. But the story … Read More

2nd competition day

N winds with thunderstorms to the north of Forbes area send us with a zigzag task through 2 TP to … Read More

1st day results

Plenty of pilots at goal with Attila first! http://www.forbesflatlands.com/results-show.html?id_results=15&db=results2015&class=results_open I myself ended up with a deserved landing after a 100 … Read More

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