Trofeo Montegrappa days 1&2

One of the first European competitions has started on 2nd April with a 93 km task, won by Christian Ciech. Second day was 113 km triangle with a lot of turbulence and overall rough and gusty air. However many are on the goal including our little Russian team, consisting from Anton Struganov and me.

Very scenic views in the air, I only wish it was warmer…

Here is what it looks like up there on the Monte Grappa itself:


So in the air the more cloth you have the better, I am happy that my harness can still be closed with a down jacket on me 🙂


Conditions are good so far with high cloudbase up to 2800 on the first day. Though general NW flow over our heads makes it gusty and turbulent at times, everybody in the comp is asking me how was it today for the leaf like me 😉

The results are here

My online livetracking is here with avionicus team

Now we have an intrigue Christian with 17 points of advantage over Alex 🙂 hoho