Sierra Ferrera Ridge. Using doarama for making video.

The next adventures are coming-coming-coming, yeah! Only few days to begin the first of the chain. Means that now is the time to putch up all the holes and to pay off the last debts left after this year. One of the challenges was somehow to use the video footage which I got a lot of in Spain.

Join me flying my lovely but already former red-grey-white hang glider and enjoy these splendid views of authentic pre-Pyrenees landscape with Sierra Ferrera ridge in the main role. 😉

(HD is preferable)

Flight from Ager to Sierra Ferrera ridge from Sasha on Vimeo.

This video is made using very cool service, which allows to visualize tracklogs for a vaste spector of activities from paddling to flying. They use very colorful and precise 3D maps provided by Bing, the whole site is very convenient to use, the signing-up using e.g. FB account, the rest is as easy as it — just upload your tracklog and enjoy amazing outcome given as a videoclip. While the programm does it automatically you also can choose the viewposition and alter it just by clicking and draging the picture. Recently they added an option of multitracking, all the public tracklogs are available to use for the united video.

And keep in touch to have more fun next year! 🙂 Cheers from Moscow!