The new yellow Litespeed S3 baby :)

Have no words to express how grateful I am to all the people, helping me to prepare my new lovely Litespeed glider for Mexico flying.

Such a looooooong story of the struggling with color choice, ordering the new sail, delivering it to Wolfi Genghammer in Skyline, setting up the glider with Tom Weissenberger, having support from our Ruassian Moyes dealer Zhenya Laritskaya in assistance with feedback from Vicki Chain and even with some rapid waking-ups during the night in Australia in order to measure some details in the sail!

Yesterday got unbelievable luck, firstly having flyable conditions in Salzburg to test the glider and secondly getting thermal weather!

Now waiting my final glide to Mexico city after fast packing all the stuff into the box for Lufthansa shipment to Mexico, pre-checking the baggage, literally squeezing the Moyes box into the plane to Frankfurt.

Crazy days in terms of speeds and amount of things to do. Thank you all, guys, for your help! 🙂

The photos were taken by Tom Weissenberger while Gaisberg flight on 20th of February. How do you like this “winter” there?!