Saying goodbye to Moscow winter season

We have got quite a weird winter this year. Firstly there wasn’t any snow till the first decade of January, then good Russian freeze dropped from the North East for several weeks and finally now we got a thaw with +4°C.

On Moscow streets there is green grass in the middle of February! 🙂 Well, I really do not mind to spend last days before my next big trip in relatively warm conditions.

So far I was lucky to make use of this short snow season skating a lot in my lovely forest. I am happy to live close to the one of the best traces in Moscow region with a well-known ski school for the Olympic reserve, so the ski-tracks are always prepared, a lot of professional sportsmen are training all the time and you can observe their workouts while skating along them.

Today it was my last XC run for the season and I would like just to post cool shots of my wintry forest and Moscow city.

Next stops are Istanbul, Salzburg and finally I hope to be with my rainbow colored new Litespeed S3 sail in Valle de Bravo less than in a week! Keep in touch. 🙂

4 Responses

  • Тебе все равно предстоит возвращение сюда! В апрельские морозы! xD

    • Какой у тебя классный ник, добрый человек 🙂 На апрель у меня кое-что запланированно тоже.

      • Это был я 🙂
        Искал ‘@’ в испанской раскладке и ткнул ентер случайно)

        Эхх.. Хорошо тебе 🙂 а нам тутмерзни до июня о_О

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