British Open is On

News from Spain 🙂

First of all the regular local view:


Last time we’ve had slightly tricky conditions on the launch when the wind was slightly cross from the east. They say you’d better be careful and look forward a good moment and a straight impulse. Each day begins with one or more inversion layers which is typical for Ager so you wait until the air gets warmed enough. The first thermals are turbulent and sometimes maneuvering in front of the ridge in the messy crowd becomes just a rush buzzling, not very joyful thing to do. However as soon as you’re on the course then the things are great — flying, looking around, making it with other people, just gazing at the gaggle in front and gliding, looking for something… 🙂


After three days of flying we have a rest day today. The day before yesterday a 150 km task was set. It was so beautiful one towards high mountains passing Majestic El Turbon and the lakes with incredible colors. We left it all beneath while flying to the turnpoint at the end of this well known awesome ridge Sierra Ferrera with yellow flowers and the thermals smelling with them. However now I realize that the things might have been faster going I just along the ridge and taking the climbs in soaring zones.


Really nice to fly above all of it. It took me quite long time to make the goal and unfortunately although I’ve tried to finish in time, some mess with my watch has occurred and I ended 30 seconds after the deadline, so they cut my track for 800 meters shorter and thus the points are poorer. Such a ridiculous fail and such a splendid flight so I don’t care 🙂 The tracks are on ( as usual)


Yesterday the overdevelopment was predicted later in the afternoon so the organizers set a small easy 65 km task in Tremp valley with back and forth turnpoints around the goal. Don’t know how many did the goal, seemed like the whole field was covered by the gliders and ours where there too 😀

The results can be seen here

We have a good forecast for the next three days of comps here, so let’s hope we’re going to have other flights with lots of sightseeing in some new places around.