Belgian and Catalan Open comp is over

Eventually we’ve got 4 tasks. The winners in flex open class are Gordon Rigg, Eduardo Oliveira from Brasil and Glen McFarlane from Australia — quite international crew 🙂

The winners

Our Russian team was doing not bad, I ended up with 17th place overall and Kostya is 14th. Ukranian pilots Ievgen Lysenko and Yevgen Bublyk are really awesome. Thet’ve been on the goal for every task and took 5th and 7th places respectively. Way to go, guys! 🙂


The results are here

Today was the first task in British Open. I’ve landed after 86 km, which is 16 km short of the whole 102 km distance. Seems like not having the last thermal is becoming my issue last time. Almost the same was on the 3rd day of Belgians when I landed after 93 km — 10 km short of the goal.

Well, we’ll see what happens next 🙂 Now we have at least 3 girls in the comps — Julia Kucherenko, Kathleen Rigg and me. Something really new for me.

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  • а илюшка какой молодец 🙂 вторые (считай первые) в жизни дельтапланерные соревы, а уже 16 место – это оч хорошо.

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