The 1st and 2nd days of Belgian Open, Ager

We’ve moved to Ager to participate in two comps in a row here — Belgian and British Open. The first one has started yesterday.


(Photo by Jamie Shelden)

On 28th the conditions predicted were rather weak so the organizers set a small 58km task to Tremp valley. Nearly 40 pilots made the goal! 🙂 Today the weather looked like I’m used to see it last year, more or less, — blue and  sometimes turbulent thermals in our valley, rare weak clouds behind and yummy looking cumulos in high mountains. There was another 105 km task which was flown by 20 people. We made the goal for both days. Cannot say that it was easy today, especially in the beginning. The main wind has blown along the main ridge, so the cores were rough and widely spaced and most of the time the crowd was in one place in front.


In Ager you usually don’t have too much time if you have the weather here. So, I better go to bed now 🙂 Look at the shot of the results here:


Total for 2 days


Task 2WP_20130730_001