Mexican landscape and first comp days

Quite intense schedule we have here with setting off to the take off at 9 am so not much time to write the reports, but here are some news from Valle.

A short practice day with the landings in the middle of the day was pretty cool just until the ground itself when almost everybody got some thermal turbulence during the final approach. Nothing is broken but I would rather fly until sunset before to land at the main El Penon field at 1900 m which seems a perfect trigger during the day. Afterwards there was really awesome opening ceremony with a parade, lots of local smiling people, some folk dancing and talks given by officials. (Shots are from Jamie Shelden and Jörg Bajewski)

On the first comp day Gena was at the goal after 109 km triangle while I bombed after 70 km in front of the most tricky turnpoint after choosing the wrong way. Anyway the flying was scenic and I was enjoying it right till the landing when the frustration came over 🙂

The second task was about 115 km race to goal through 2 TP and flying over the east 3000 m highlands, passing the Volcano, gliding over the teotihuacan pyramids. This time I didn’t take my GoPro with me, so took some photos of this place from the internet. Incredible sensations while seeing these ancient buildings from the other civilization flying above them! Really was very excited to gaze beneath at my final glide to the goal at 2500 m which was higher than the take off! 🙂 Gena made the goal as well.

Here are just a few shots from our flying area. The photos are from the south part which looks much drier than the valleys on the north, behind the main ridge chain we are cruising around.

Look at these tiny cute volcanoes 🙂

Children are everywhere, never mind if you land in a tiger area 10 km from the nearest settled place, they will meet you on your landing spot anyway. Some of them even show the wind with handmade windsocks!


This hot food in Mexico deserves a special blog post I believe. Each time having something to eat here I hope not to turn into a flame-breathing dragon 🙂