Macedonian Yellow Fields’18. Intermezzo


Shall I start it again!? I mean trying to write something about the next adventure that is patiently waiting to kick in and take me into the flying world again — huh, as if I actually would leave it at least for a day over the last few years 😉

It’s sort of became a very private thing — enjoying the flying. In the beginning there was a big temptation to tell everyone about every little step, a flight, a take off or a good landing. Now it’s almost the opposite, as if the memories wouldn’t want to leave their cosy home that they have found in my head. Although pictures… they do want to be shown, mostly on Facebook, for the sake of convenience.

Anyway, let’s take it from here and see where it goes to. Let it be a new photo-impressions stream from Macedonia where the 20th Hang Gliding European Championship takes place this time. Official website can be found under A couple years ago I wrote a post describing the area –, take a look if you like nice pictures 🙂 Some of the non-aerial pictures are from Jammie Sheldon (c)

I’m not into describing every task, boring everyone to death with the stories like “…and then I got low, and then I got high — .. — then I saw this cloud, you know how they normally look like, and boy I flew straight to it, but there was now lift!..” However I’m somehow very excited to fly over the Pelagonia basin again. Every detail of the landscape there is nourishing for an eye, it’s warm and sunny, the atmosphere in the town is cosy, the fields are yellow and there will be a lot of friends’ faces to meet.

So off we go to the South East leaving beautiful Austria for a moment! 


PS. And as the way isn’t gonna be too short there will be some music on the way, maybe that’s also something for you, dear reader 🙂


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