2nd day results and the plan for the 3rd day


Many people have made it, including me. Zac is the first followed by Jochen and Gordon. But the story would not be so interesting without some sharp details which made a highlight of the day.

Firstly the task was set in a way to avoid possible thunderstorms to the north of Forbes. When I got towed (rather late because the queing was slow and I was in the air only after the first start gate was already on) it already began to get dark, gusty and hard to stay in the air in shadowed areas. I got a weak climb drifting to the south but didn’t want to risk it and mess up the whole day in case I would lose it and drop out, so decided to get back to the airdrome field, didn’t find anything better and bombed for a secont re-tow. This time went better and so I took a last clock to start. In the beginning, like first 100 km all went quite strong and affordable fast, but I still basically needed to fly from the shadow wich was chasing me from the beginning. And eventually it overtook me and got severely stuck before the 2nd turnpoint. There I got a perfect choice to fly either through a blue hole over little hills with forest and eagles or through a shadow which was a little as 20 km in diameter. Well, I’ve chosen an edge of the shadow with weak drifting lifts, once or twice got really low down to 200-250 m above the ground. But I must say I start feeling the glider better and low safes are kind of fun in terms of perfecting climing skills. So eventually I managed to squeeze to the TP and turned to the SE still drifting with low bubbles. At about 25 km before the goal I was in a vaste shadow again low struggling with another eagle, when I spotted that a rainy cloud on a side 25 km from me turned into a thunderstorm establishing a gust front right beneath and behind me. Instantly the game switched from low saving to full blast gliding in a constant lift at 100 kmh speed for next 40 mins, on the way to escape and outrace the front I made the goal and went further for another 25 km in order to land. Without any will for that climbed from 1000 to 2300 m while flying on straight hands!. Had about a minute to get rid of the harness and lay my glider down before wind hit the spot with speeds about 80 kmh. Eventually made my personal best of 200 km yesterday. Huh… Could have written more but need to go now to prepare for the next long 190 km task today. Cheers from Forbes. We got pretty much the same conditions with lower ceiling today and I have taken an early bird launch.

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