The first task of Campeonato de España

Yesterday the day was cancelled due to the tail wind on the take off.


Today was the second day of Spain Championship and the first one with a task. We have here SW winds thus cannot use the main launching Pena Negra, so the organizers decided to go to Pedro Bernardo. It’s south face mountain ridge which is well known with its very strong thermals in summer since it gets all the warmth from tableland in front of it. And I have to say that after today flight I imagine why — it was rough after take off until the moment when I managed to climb above 2500 m.

The task was 109 km to Piedrahita through one turnpoint on this south ridge and the second one was Avila Antenna. The last leg (40 km) Avila-Piedrahita was against strong 20-30 kmh wind. Only 2 pilots made the goal and several others are almost there. I’ve landed just after Avila when hit this strong wind, so made 66 km. There is a couple of new things to think about after the flight against the wind.

Our Russian team consisting from Gena, Kostya and Sasha took 4th, 9th and 35th places in the table of results today, respectively 🙂


All the results are here:

Here is the livetracking from organizers

Here are some shots — feel this amazing Central Spain 🙂


c03cd77f-7d95-41d6-b764-40da385fc30f Ávila_24-8-2002 JoAvila_01