Photos from the route to Piedrahita

Sasha over the Ocean


It was an amazing ride from Laragne to Piedrahita coastwise Atlantic Ocean with night swimming in the downtown of San Sebastian (a cute touristic town just after the boarder between Spain and France), meeting the sunrise on the rocky shore, going through splendid green mountains in morning sunny smoke, then going on plateau along huge yellow wheat fields with this bright blue Spainish sky above. Then passing by the road signs “Madrid” and “Piedrahita”! I think I didn’t believe in their existence up to the last moment 😉

the Ocean


Unbelivable that we’ve driven here from Moscow, we’ve covered 5200 km in four steps 🙂 And between each of them we’ve managed to have great flights. Let’s see what my favorite Spain have now. Ohhh, I really dreamed about being here since left Ager last year.