Crossing the Main Alpine Chain from North to South

Tre Cime were amazing, but glaciers of the Main Alpine Chain are magnetically attractive for those who has this miraculous opportunity to get closer. I like green fields and forests of Austria, I also like rocks, but gliding low over ice slopes is a special case for anyone who once tried. This is pure Adventure Flying:




The northern winds are still with us here in the Alps, so we decided to celebrate the 1st July by accomplishing a tricky crossing from Zillertal to Greifenburg (115 km) over Grossvenediger (3666 m). Here is my tracklog shot:


The predicted cloudbase of 4200m never showed up and our maximum altitude was only 3750 before crossing. Here is our ridge-path towards the Main Chain which is far up there in front. The main complexity was the north wind waving right along it, so all the thermals were broken apart giving us a lot of job on this day:

here-we-goDon’t ask me where the landings are, you don’t really want me to land there, don’t you? 🙂

Here is the tacklog: