Gerolf's master-class in Laragne


Haven’t got too much time to feed the blog during those days because we have flown 9 days in a row. Mostly the weather haven’t permitted us to fly long tasks, however somehow we managed to get 70, 100 and 80 distances set by Gerolf for last three days.

The last one was open-route towards splendid Plato in front of Sainte-Croix Lake which was the final turn point. Lavanda fields mixed with huge open spaces of yellow wheat are such a beautiful view in sunset.

I landed 10 km short of the goal (stupid mistakes again) and after the landing was hmm… let’s say frustrated. But before the guys arrived I had to jog for a while in order to find right unpaved road so they could ride through to take my glider. This impromptu training fixed up my serenity so now I could have enjoyed the great company I was in and these fascinating views around.

Gerolf is attaboy with his master-classes, I’m glad that we’ve participated in this event and haven’t gone to Annecy instead. Think I’ve gained in experience in Laragne much more.

Here are some shots and the video:

Laragne July from Sasha on Vimeo.

Now we’ve moved to legendary Piedrahita to participate in Spain Nationals here. There were so bright impressions during our 1400 km ride from Laragne to this place so I’ll make another entry about it. Stay tuned then 🙂

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