Moscow Half Marathon in May

Haven’t been writing here since 2 months or so.

Prepared for the summer, traveled for some paddling around Premantura peninsula in Croatia, visited the Air Bull Airshow in April.

Then took part in Moscow half marathon run, not 21 km but 10 though, got lots of positive emotions running along Moscow river towards shining cupolas of Kremlin, enjoying smell of our super green summer which came so early this year. Felt like someone who has swollen a clown afterwards 🙂



The guys from who organizes the running events in Moscow make it on a really professional level creating waves of perfect mood, smiley people around, who share my attitude to healthy and sporty life style. I believe, jogging is an active yoga in its core. Wherever you are, all you need to have an hour with your own body and head is just a pair of a good running shoes and your presence in the moment. In cases when you cannot catch the flow,  you just go for this jog and find yourself running and breathing there, clearing the thoughts.



Moscow citizens usually associate downtown with traffic jams, crowds of people and endless rush mode without time to look around and to see the scenic views around, to recall history or their own memories about the place. So they may become kinda numb in this respect. I was born and grown up in Moscow, for sure sometimes I find it quite hard to like this enormous amount of people in the underground or industrial districts, dirty roads in late autumn, grey and long to death winter and lots of other mess here. However, these moments like marathons or museum nights, when you can attend as much interesting places as you want, all for free, or cycling tours, open air concerts, XCski races, ice skating in our beautiful parks in winter or just wandering around — all these events somehow give me not just a lot of fun, but this kind of awareness that this is my town, which I really like to live in. I feel how Russian part of the audience is rising eyebrows up now, but do not blame me, guys, I live in suburbs with perfect infrastructure, forests, parks and rivers around without any need to spend hours going to the other part of town to the working place, but cycling or walking to my students instead. Ain’t I a lucky cookie here? 😉


This big event was the last bright and inspiring shot before leaving my hometown for summer flying in Europe. Next stop is Austria, the first flying spot of my third flying season there! YEAH 🙂

See you soon!

All the shots are taken from official facebook page of Moscow Marathon, Come to run with us next time!