The 3rd flying Euro season is on!

Guess, who is deliriously happy to be in Greifenburg now? 😉


And in order not to make the readers wait too much as I used to do last times, I just give a short teasing post here with shots from Greifenburg, where I am with other Russian pilots now. Some of them were taking place in German Open, some are just for free flying. It took me longer to leave Moscow and to sort out things there than I planned, so I was too late to participate in the comp.

Instead of the task but with priceless guidance from Gerolf, who for my luck dropped in Greifenburg to have some test flying, I managed to have a scenic flight into snowy mountains, playing with a convergence line there, flying low over and along the ridges and rocks, enjoying the glider and mild thermals without hot Mexico rodeo style. That was the first XC flight after pre-Worlds, such a difference in everything and lots of happiness just because of being in the Alps again and because of meeting the people I was eager to meet for a long time. 




The forecast looks pretty scary for the next days, that’s why I got some time to write these posts now 😉  Keep in touch.