The final, 6th task is completed

Was a cool day and bright task setting allowing us to fly to the goal and have it safe in the best area in terms of overdevelopment. Today was the first day when I didn’t make significant mistakes, therefore came to goal not too late, which is a satisfying finish of this competition in flatlands. Meanwhile made 4 of 5 possible goals. I got heaps of new experience of flying in strong windy conditions alone and with gaggles, have to carry it on and continue next time. Very different and new in comparison with mountain flying and as Davis mentioned on FB along with masterclasses in Europe I must be really lucky to get good education from Gerolf also here in Australia 🙂

Concerning the results of the day — here we have Gordon’s excert from FB:

I was a bit slow but so was Zippy. so it would have been there for the taking!. Jonas me and Zippy finished together. Attilla won by quite a lot. Steve Blenkinsop was second and Jonny Durand third.
Perhaps the first three stay the same.