4th task, evening

About 26 in the goal after 260 km (me too). Unfortunately Attila wasn’t at goal, that’s gonna change the accent in the results now.

Was an interesting day, starting rather low with clouds at 1700 m and almost no wind. After the 1st TP and first hundred kilometers, the cloudbase kept rising up to 2800 m at the 2nd TP, which was at about 185 km mark.

On the final leg was a bit nervous hoping that the weather won’t switch off as the day moved on towards the end. However, have found an appropriate lift allowing me to make a final glide in these memorable yellow sunset colors and long shadows. Guess all the team was hapoy to see me there so they wouldn’t need to drive to some deserted area somewhere in the middle of the course to elicit me from golden mines. Really, scary thought keeping in mind the fact that just retrieve from the goal to Forbes takes about 4 hrs. The whole flight including 1.5 hrs of waiting for the start gate took me 7hrs20mins. The longest stay in the air and the longest distance so far!

Still on the way to Forbes 😉