Forbes, training days

Finally in Forbes, training with aerotowing and getting ready with the glider.

Couple days before in Stanwell Park my drag chute didn’t open and instead of going with the cross wind along the beach, managed to epically land in water. Just a meter from a water border, it wasn’t stormy and the break line was rather friendly so it wasn’t dramatic, but unfortunately everything got salty wet. After that with a great patience shown by Gerolf and Noma we completely reassembled my new RX, washed and dried harness, parachute etc. Well, o_O, a frustrating mistake, I must say. Compeo+ is gone. So I started reading on alternatives as Digifly and Naviter, will need to buy some of those before Mexico, and now I am flying with Kathryn’s instrument. Thanks Kathryn :)!

So this disaster is behind and now I am slowly getting excited about XCies in flatlands. I have hardly any experience outside mountains so upcoming comp is gonna be a big flying lesson for me. Today they call a good practice day with mild winds.


And now upd from a landing field, near second TP, needed to leave a thermal being chased by two eagles, all went good before these guys came along. Feels upsetting I must say. However this new RX3 technora glider feels really great in climb. Huh, have to derig the glider now.

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