3rd day

About 35 people are on the goal in 190 km from Forbes. Flew my personal best in distance today. After just landed on goal was sarcastically cursed for being too slow — Gerolf already had his glider packed up of course 😉 Guess, Gordon was 3rd today with Jonny in front. (Dunno who is inbetween yet).

Aerotows become much more confident. Even in these gusty conditions, which we have, Bobby manages to tow me quite smooth and comfortable. Today I got an early bird launch in order not to wait too long on the ground. Was a good decision — got in a position right before the first clock and could start with the whole company. The best achievement was keeping up the speeds and performance with first and second gaggles for first half of the course. Really great experience I am getting here! After such days the appetite for flying keeps growing 😉

We had 3 tasks so far and some people already look exhausted. Therefore it is not a last thing to consider right nutrition while such intese regime. Electrolites, protein shakes, stretching — all that helps to stay awake. Tomorrow the weather is still flyable, monday might be a rest day due to massive rains. Huh, almost at Forbes, we are driving from the goal now, whoaaaa! 🙂