A remark

True story about my sports:

  • alpinism
  • hang gliding
  • mountain&cc skiing
  • sailing
  • yoga
  • jogging
  • cycling


Мама недавно сообщила мне, что назвала меня в честь Александра Невского. Вот это фантазия! И какой отличный выбор для дочери 🙂 Хорошо, что она все таки не забыла привить мне любовь к девчачьим делам — кулинарии, шитью и вязанию.

…in English

My mum recently told me she named me after famous Russian politician and commander Alexander Nevsky, who lived in XIII cent. and left his trace in history by defeating Swedesh and Levonian armies. Those ones used to try to invade the northern parts of then Novgorod State for some long period of time.

Such a perplexing (but superb :)) name choice for the daughter 🙂 I appreciate though she haven’t forgotten to cultivate love for cooking and sewing in me.