Hang Gliding Run
Run into the air
AdventureFlying Photography | Alps | Hang Gliding

Running is a great sport, but running with a hang glider from the hills is the best way to do … Read More

Kalmykia – Rostov. Flatland flying paradise.
AdventureFlying Photography | Competitions | Hang Gliding | Russia

One of my best flying experiences so far. There shall be a blog post with more descriptions soon.

Пока что фотографии, частично передающие впечатления от этого очередного очень ярко запомнившегося летного приключения. Надо бы написать пост в минуты долгих зимних вечеров.
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Kia C'eed Austria
Macedonian Yellow Fields’18. Intermezzo
AdventureFlying Photography | Competitions | Hang Gliding | Macedonia

  Shall I start it again!? I mean trying to write something about the next adventure that is patiently waiting … Read More

Sunset in Vineyard Slovenia
AdventureFlying Photography | Alps

Every photoblog has to have some… 🙂

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