A little milestone or 5 years of flying.

Today looking at the calendar all of a sudden I stumbled over the fact that it is 5 years since I came for my first training to our Moscow club Albatross. Not too long but how many absolutely awesome impressions I got over this period! I know I shouldn’t continue this paragraph about my fascination with hang gliding because it’s gonna be too concentrated with superlative forms 😉

So let’s just put another short note here saying that it somehow feels nice to get the 1st ranked HG women in the world once in a while. 😉 My Macedonian 9th place overall brought some fruits.


Another flying summer is over leaving me with a bunch of great flights, photos experience and aspiration to learn flying. Now it’s time to get all my drafts finished and publicized, before the next adventure comes. Uhhh, have to hurry up, not much time here before the next take-off:

The photo was taken by Gerolf in Loser during Adventure Flying Course with Norwegian pilots.