Friday the 13th on Sunday the 21th

At first there were some aero towings. I’m going on to learn this kind of launching:


And one more:


I was really enjoying the process of towings and the possibility to try the new glider since the height allowed to.

And then… Oh yeah, don’t have too much to say. Here is the cost for my impudence. Keep your speed — fly safe. Or when the wind changes its direction and there isn’t enough energy to flare…

The consequences could be much worse. Got several stitches on my forehead, other skin wounds and bruises over the body, punched joints, put down mind and my poor glider. The front left carbon leading edge was broken, the front wire was torn appart and several other less expensive injuries have occurred.

Have to elicit smth from that crash.

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    • Aha, that was the new one. Really, it was very putting down. However it’s better then breaking bones. So now I’ve already ment all the glider’s and my injuries and wait for some new flights soon. Thank you for the sympathy 🙂