News from Bassano

Some news from our green grassy fields in Bassano with 12C in the midday:


The view from our hotel place:


All 3 days we’re staying here we have quite nice flights for winter. The ramp on the take off looks rather putting down, especially in combination with the 1m/s wind. Some launches are pretty scary:


Some are not:  (Kind friends saw some groomy tints in my appearance on the ramp, so here is the result of their art: :))


After getting airborne the thermal bubbles allow you to hold out in the air. Since the temperature gradient is rather faint and the inversion layer is low sometimes it turns out to be a hard work. Well, the more exiting it is — to win such a battle :). I’m glad I have a chance to try out my new hang glider in poor conditions to perfect the handling and to observe its behaviour. The carbon Litespeed S is very similar to my previous aluminium one, but surely here is a feeling I need some flight time to get used to it.

In order that the happiness after flight wouldn’t have spoiled, the landing approach has to be very accurate here. On the first photo is the whole field you have to land on (And you cannot use the one on the right hand behind the trees. Of course sometimes people do so):



In spare time we are experimenting on battens tension, the leading edge length and etc.


The weather forecast tells us to ski for a couple days. Prolly will go to Dolomites.

The next post is about New Year’s Eve party in Venice. Stay here 🙂