Out of season? Fly Crimea!


Hi there! Not much of writing for the last time as the season faded away. So as it’s already traditional for me, there was a couple fall visits to my lovely Crimea peninsula, Ukraine. To meet the friends, to fly in a wave, to try some new spots for breeze surfing in the air, to tune gliders and just to attend this marvelous place&sea again.

Since my Moyes LS S3 spends her time far away from Moscow waiting for the new colorful sail and me this winter,  I’ve borrowed a Litespeed 3 from one local Ukranian mate Sergey. (Серега, если, ты это читаешь, спасибо тебе большое! :)) — Thanks to him 🙂

The short video-teaser showing probably only a tiny part of the impressions which this powerful place gives to everybody coming there! (The music of  Kings Of Convenience – “Know how”)

Flying Crimea from Sasha on Vimeo.

Some shots were already posted on FB, so I just add a gallery of them here in order to keep it all in one place. Here is a mix from me  and other authors. 

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