What to drink, v.2 (when flying)

Nearly everybody knows that it is absolutely a must to drink electrolytes while training any kind of ordinary activities like cycling, skiing, running and etc. But somehow a lot of people think it… Continue reading

What to drink, v.1 about not flying

Хочу рассказать про два вида напитков, в зависимости от задач. Сперва немного про то, что не связано с полетами. Если вы сегодня не должны ехать на поле, собирать дельтаплан в +35-40, ждать буксировки… Continue reading

Coastal flying in Victoria

Time to sort the photos and posts, to put the memories together, to work in Moscow for next 4 weeks, to ski here (yeahhh, I like to ski :), especially in between flying)… Continue reading

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