Training day is cancelled

Yesterday they predicted severe thunderstorms, strong wind on high altitude and just a short flyable window. The forecast for the upcoming two days is not very inspiring as well. Today is low cloudbase… Continue reading

About DHV certification

    A little bit about bureaucratic side of hang gliding — certification tests. A while ago it turned out that my Litespeed S3 needs Gütesiegel test so I could use the glider… Continue reading

Shots from the flight over the main Alpine chain

I think most of people have already seen them on facebook, but for history I am posting them here now. Crossing the main Alpine chain, going from Greifenburg to the North, passing over… Continue reading

The 3rd flying Euro season is on!

Guess, who is deliriously happy to be in Greifenburg now? ;) And in order not to make the readers wait too much as I used to do last times, I just give a… Continue reading

Moscow Half Marathon in May

Haven’t been writing here since 2 months or so. Prepared for the summer, traveled for some paddling around Premantura peninsula in Croatia, visited the Air Bull Airshow in April. Then took part in… Continue reading

Instead of Winter Race

Still need some time to digest all the Mexico impressions and to write about our adventures there. This new-for-me world deserves more rapture than just a pale report about tasks&points, therefore I am… Continue reading

Mexican landscape and first comp days

Quite intense schedule we have here with setting off to the take off at 9 am so not much time to write the reports, but here are some news from Valle. A short… Continue reading