Подвески Rotor в России

На форуме deltaplanerizm.ru написала пост про то, как можно купить подвески Ротор: http://deltaplanerizm.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3058 А тут собственно сама продукция Нене Ротора: http://www.nenerotor.com/products.html Более ранний пост про подвеску Shadow II: http://sashaz.com/2013/01/27/the-shadow-ii-rotor-harness-from-brazil/  

Human Factor: Risk assessment

http://www.powder.com/human-factor/index.php Interesting project, accomplished by David Page and his team happening to be skiers. The pre-story comes from a variety of fatal accidents in avalanches. The authors accent a human factor which by certain conditions often leads… Continue reading

Lienz and Dolomites in October

This one is almost repeating myself from Facebook. Just to have it here and to show nice shots the people who don’t use FB. When you are willing to move you get rewarded… Continue reading

Dune de Pyla, playing low

This place deserves a separate post, not very long though. The Dune is located on the west coast of France near Arcochone, not very far from Spain border. Went there with Gerolf to… Continue reading

Some thoughts about Masterclasses. Laragne and Sant Andre shots.

This chapter is about non-competition flying in Masterclasses. This summer I got amused being asked for several times – why do I again take part in a Gerolf’s masterclass. Although there might be… Continue reading

Annecy, Arcones, Lumbier in July 2014

Huh, time is passing by and I am of course losing inspiration to write about events left 2-3 months behind. But I want to talk about some other, comparatively new things, so I… Continue reading

Training day is cancelled

Yesterday they predicted severe thunderstorms, strong wind on high altitude and just a short flyable window. The forecast for the upcoming two days is not very inspiring as well. Today is low cloudbase… Continue reading