Cross Country 189
Wide open heart above Apollo Bay

This article in the Cross Country Magazine has lots of AdventureFlying pictures and is talking about flying in Victoria along … Read More

Styrian open pricegiving, 3rd Place
Styrian Open 2017 – 3rd Place

Robert Reisinger wins the competition, I took the 3rd place overall, yohho 🙂  

Sasha Moyes Litespeed Swoosh on the beach
Victorian Sand and Moyes Swooshy Litespeed
AdventureFlying Photography | Australia | Hang Gliding

Can’t complain about this day in Victoria with Gerolf, Lukas and best ever Rob 🙂

Australian Utopy
Along my road
AdventureFlying Photography | Australia

Australia has one remarkable and close to my heart feature — it’s a big land with lots of space! I … Read More

Moyes Gecko
Manilla – Australian Spain
AdventureFlying Photography | Australia | Competitions | Hang Gliding

Manilla with its yellow huge fields, windy Mt. Tamborine launch, reliabe themrals and goal fields every day got deep in my memory.
Surely worth going there if you are after nice mix of flatlands and hills flying.… Read More

The Heart of the Matter. Cross Country Magazine
The Heart of the Matter. Monitoring and post analyzing heart rate data for better flying. Example of one pilot.

This article has already appeared in Cross Country Magazine in June 2016. I post it here now with an open … Read More

Macedonian CIVL Wars and Overall Impressions

Despite this flashy heading Pre-Europeans or CIVL wars /(c)Gordon :)/ turned out to be pretty good. From the point of organization … Read More

A little milestone or 5 years of flying.

Today looking at the calendar all of a sudden I stumbled over the fact that it is 5 years since … Read More

Dune du Pyla flying in July

We got there again, to the sunny and yellow unique dune, forming over the years to the south from Arcachon, … Read More

Crossing the Main Alpine Chain from North to South

Tre Cime were amazing, but glaciers of the Main Alpine Chain are magnetically attractive for those who has this miraculous … Read More

Tre Cime – from Italy to Austria over Sexten Dolomites

Here is a report about one outstanding flight to Sexten Dolomites, which Gerolf and I did a few days ago. During … Read More

Winners of Loser Open, Austria

Loser Open was a FAI-2 competition which took place in the first week of June as was very successful with … Read More

A little introduction from Gemona before Loser Competition

The season is not starting dramatically quick here in Austria. Almost repeating the pattern of the previous year with late … Read More

Trofeo Montegrappa days 1&2

One of the first European competitions has started on 2nd April with a 93 km task, won by Christian Ciech. … Read More

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