Sierra Ferrera Ridge. Using doarama for making video.

The next adventures are coming-coming-coming, yeah! Only few days to begin the first of the chain. Means that now is … Read More

Crimea hang gliding
Out of season? Fly Crimea!

Hi there! Not much of writing for the last time as the season faded away. So as it’s already traditional … Read More

More shots from Piedrahita and Ager, Spain

One of the best summers ever is over both on my calendar and outside. However there is plenty of photos … Read More

Arangoiti (Lumbier), the pre-Europeans

Решила написать пост на русском языке тоже, так что смотрите ниже 🙂 Hey guys! Haven’t been putting the notes because … Read More

British Open is over and now Pre-Europeans in Lumbier, Navarra are starting

The lake in Lumbier: The last few days in Ager was tough in terms of thermal weather.  One day wasn’t … Read More

British Open is On

News from Spain 🙂 First of all the regular local view: Last time we’ve had slightly tricky conditions on the … Read More

Belgian and Catalan Open comp is over

Eventually we’ve got 4 tasks. The winners in flex open class are Gordon Rigg, Eduardo Oliveira from Brasil and Glen McFarlane from … Read More

The 1st and 2nd days of Belgian Open, Ager

We’ve moved to Ager to participate in two comps in a row here — Belgian and British Open. The first … Read More

The 4th, 5th and 6th days in Piedrahita and Pedro Bernardo

We continue to suffer from strong south winds here, which make Pedro Bernardo unsafe to fly. On Tuesday a wave … Read More

The 2nd and 3rd days in Piedrahita

The difference between landing somewhere in Russian flatlands and in Piedrahita is that when you come from your field to … Read More

The first task of Campeonato de España

Yesterday the day was cancelled due to the tail wind on the take off. Today was the second day of … Read More

Laragne hang gliding
Gerolf's master-class in Laragne

Haven’t got too much time to feed the blog during those days because we have flown 9 days in a … Read More

The 1st day of Gerolf's master-class.

Something about emotions. What anybody would feel after bombing out in front of the second turn point? Today there wasn’t … Read More

News from Laragne

Последний день в Грайфенбурге был нелетным — очень раннее развитие и характерные признаки фёна. Поняв это утром, замариновали местную речную … Read More

The 2nd of July in Greifenburg

Caustic пишет: На старте народу не много, но и не мало: По крайней мере все летающие пенсионеры на месте. Летающие … Read More

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