What to drink, v.2 (when flying)

Nearly everybody knows that it is absolutely a must to drink electrolytes while training any kind of ordinary activities like … Read More

What to drink, v.1 about not flying

Хочу рассказать про два вида напитков, в зависимости от задач. Сперва немного про то, что не связано с полетами. Если … Read More

AVIONICUS livetracking

Dear readers, English version is right next to Russian text. Тестирование ливтреккинга Авионикус в Австралии. Ливтреккинг полетов – это многообещающая … Read More

Coastal flying in Victoria

Time to sort the photos and posts, to put the memories together, to work in Moscow for next 4 weeks, … Read More

The final, 6th task is completed

Was a cool day and bright task setting allowing us to fly to the goal and have it safe in … Read More

5th task is stopped — swapping all the first lines in Results

Yesterday we had a 158 downwind to south with a potential overcast later as the day progresses. Was fair bit … Read More

4th task, evening

About 26 in the goal after 260 km (me too). Unfortunately Attila wasn’t at goal, that’s gonna change the accent … Read More

4th task

We have a blue day with 255 km task to the West with ceiling up to 9000ft. Hohoho, sounds like … Read More

3rd day

About 35 people are on the goal in 190 km from Forbes. Flew my personal best in distance today. After … Read More

2nd day results and the plan for the 3rd day

http://www.forbesflatlands.com/results.html Many people have made it, including me. Zac is the first followed by Jochen and Gordon. But the story … Read More

2nd competition day

N winds with thunderstorms to the north of Forbes area send us with a zigzag task through 2 TP to … Read More

1st day results

Plenty of pilots at goal with Attila first! http://www.forbesflatlands.com/results-show.html?id_results=15&db=results2015&class=results_open I myself ended up with a deserved landing after a 100 … Read More

First competition day, 1st January 2015

Having a competition day in Australia is a great way to begin the next year, isn’t it!? 🙂 Today we … Read More

Forbes, training days

Finally in Forbes, training with aerotowing and getting ready with the glider. Couple days before in Stanwell Park my drag … Read More

Вьетнамский кофе и дельта-планы на 2015

Привет, народ! Правда, название темы с упоминанием Вьетнамсокого кофе выглядит несколько абсурдным? Мне еще нравится слоган про Солнце Вьетнама в … Read More

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